Referring to your music, writing, or art as a "project" starves its legitimacy and takes away its credibility.

The word "project" suggests tedious work and a degree of personal removal, like an anxiety inducing school assignment.

Let it be known, to everyone everywhere, that your contribution to the artistic world of whatever isn't just a project, but a sincere reflection of your weirdest thoughts and most petty cares.

We created The Wigwam as a collaborative platform where we can lament, obsess, and romance over music. Everything will be considered. Fringe house show goers and pop stars alike.

To anyone who picks this up and reads it: Thank you. Our appreciation for you rivals our appreciation for New Order and Aretha Franklin.

Put together.


Jackie Zeisloft

Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Jackie "Jacq" Zeisloft knows a thing or two about dad rock, mom pop, Top 40 and contemporary country music. She writes and plays her own songs, and enjoys writing about other people's songs, too. When she was a kid she wanted to be an astronaut, but now she has no idea. She lives in Nashville and goes to school there. She really loves Chan Marshall and buying coats.

Paula Ramirez

Paula Ramirez spent her early days listening to classical music in nowhere Massachusetts. Now set loose on Nashville, she focuses her energy on playing baby rock, trying to remain relevant and hanging onto Rob Sheffield's every word. She likes going to and writing about shows, and one day hopes to be able to define "indie."

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