by Jackie Zeisloft


Nashville is changing. Let's say it again! Nashville is changing. Beloved dives close and once reliable outposts get priced out of their neighborhoods. A shift in the city's character has created an identity crisis for many. WHAT'S GOING ON? WHO AM I? WHO ARE WE? As a city? As a whole?

At The Wigwam, we aim to look to voices from the community for perspective on the city's changes and music's inimitable role in our community. What we play for each other in our cars, on local radio shows, or over coffee shop speakers shapes our collective consciousness and ties us closer to each other. Radio is inherently a communal medium for sharing music; an exchange between the DJ and those listening. In the midst of all the social turmoil in Nashville, let's not forget the intrinsic joy found in connection and belonging. Like always, we hope you enjoy and ponder what's in these pages. Thanks for reading!

Long live JJ's,
Jackie Zeisloft

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