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by Jackie Zeisloft || 1/10/2019

Nashville is changing. Let's say it again! Nashville is changing. Beloved dives close and once reliable outposts get priced out of their neighborhoods. A shift in the city's character has created an identity [...]

Shout, Sister Shout!

Shout, Sister Shout!

by DJ LT (Lauren Turner) || 1/10/2019

Sister Rosetta Tharpe is the reason I titled my radio show Shout, Sister Shout!. I have my pal Joey to thank, introducing me to her music years ago while working together at J&J's Market & Cafe, where all of the baristas frequently played [...]

At the End of All Things, There Was JJ

At the End of All Things, There Was JJ

by Paula Ramirez || 1/10/2019

I was at JJs the day Leonard Cohen died. A whisper made its way through the cafe as the news spread from table to table. We sat on the couches quietly and Trevor and Ross cued up his low mournful tone through the [...]


Popaganda: An Introduction

by Jackie Zeisloft || 3/13/2018

Your ironic overalls are political. So is your obscure record collection, choice of beer at the local Exxon, and taste in low-lit weekend outposts. If I told you Beyonce's 'Formation' is, in my opinion, the most important song of the 21st century, would you [...]

Do-It-Yourself Sexism

Do-It-Yourself Sexism

by Meg Pharr || 3/13/2018

Swaying in a dark basement in West Nashville, I rub shoulders with people I have known for minutes and years as we partake in the ritualistic act of watching others play their passions out on beat-up telecasters (with maybe a little too much reverb). The time [...]

Titles of Long-Read Articles

Titles of Long-Read Articles That I Would Hypothetically Write If I Had the Time or Inclination To Do So

by William Hexagon || 3/13/2018

"If You Want To Hurt Me, Hurt Me" (Sandy) Alex G's renderings of the Post-Modern Masculine Voice. Lomelda is Not Afraid to Sound Overtly Beautiful and That Is Why [...]

My 20s

My 20s

by Jackie Zeisloft || 12/28/2016

After my 21st birthday I didn't leave my room for two days and survived solely on Cheez-its and a six pack of Blue Moons. I let the birthday blues creep in and the August humidity takeover my mood as I mourned the death of age 20. The gateway to [...]


Summertime, Frank Ocean, and the Art of Moving On

by Paula Ramirez || 12/28/2016

By the time we got Frank Ocean's Blonde I had just begun to mourn summer. I'd picked up enough friends from the airport and moved enough boxes up the street to realize that the three months I'd loved so carelessly had finally [...]


Interview: Blaketheman1000

by Jackie Zeisloft and Paula Ramirez || 12/28/2016

We met Blake at a screening of Spinal Tap in the Large Theatre back in Nov. 2015. Here we talk to the rock-and-roll internet child about music, Nashville, and 2017. WW: Why do you like playing music? B: Man, that's a hard one. I think [...]

Surf Rock

In Defense of Surf Rock

by Paula Ramirez || 8/28/2016

I have a confession to make. Up until an embarrassingly recent time, I thought that the only qualifications "surf rock" artists needed were a California mindset, a reverb pedal, and a drug habit. Turns out, I was wrong. At least in part. The problem wasn't so much [...]

Father Tribe

Father Tribe: Indie Rock, Surf Rock, Prom Rock?

by Jackie Zeisloft || 8/28/2016

Father Tribe's music is serious but not too serious, polished but not too pop-y, intricate yet accessible, and a better soundtrack for your high school's senior prom than Skrillex. Making music since he was an Abercrombie-wearing middle schooler, frontman Kaden Vannorsdel [...]



by Jackie Zeisloft || 5/1/2016

If two years ago someone had told me we'd be buying music on tape in 2016, I would've laughed at them and slapped a Spotify sticker on their forehead. But cassettes are back, people, and we have a choice. Do we embrace the tape deck nostalgia or [...]


Introduction: Wigwam

by Paula Ramirez || 5/1/2016

I like to think of debut albums as an artist's quinceañera. Maybe all the years and experimental EPs before counted, but they were mere childish whims. After the debut? Make no mistake, you are a woman. The progression and maturation of sound [...]

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