Titles of Long-Read Articles

Titles of Long-Read Articles That I Would Hypothetically Write If I Had the Time or Inclination To Do So
An Exploration of What Journalistically Could Have Been

by William Hexagon


"If You Want To Hurt Me, Hurt Me" (Sandy) Alex G's renderings of the Post-Modern Masculine Voice

Lomelda is Not Afraid to Sound Overtly Beautiful and That Is Why She Is A Genius

Who Is The Lou Reed of Nashville?
(Probably Not Jack White, But Maybe)

"Nice Set, Bro": Why Everybody in Nashville Needs To Be Meaner To Each Other in 2018

Ya'll Remember Ben Howard? Is That Guy Still Making Stuff?

I Know Why You Love Lo-fi

Are There Less Rapists In Bluegrass Scenes? I'm Pretty Sure There Are But I'm Probably Not Going to Research It

I'm Mad That Nobody Cares About The Band You Won't and I'll Probably Die Mad

My Very Personal and Very Embarrassing Love/Hate Relationship with the Lumineers

Phoebe Bridgers is Very Very Funny on Twitter And That Is Insane To Me Considering That She Is Already Inordinately Hot and Talented I Mean Come On

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